PBIT are primarily a business telephone provider.  Along with the many other business solutions we offer, telephone systems are our bread and butter.  We have many years experience in providing telephone services with customers spanning across the North East of England from the small to the large.


The modern day business tend to choose VOIP systems for their telephone system. VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol.

VOIP systems allow you to make and receive calls over the internet which in turn means lower call costs.  If both calls are VOIP systems, there is no call costs at all.  In effect it is just using data/bandwidth to make and receive the call.

VOIP systems have proven to be extremely cost effective in larger organisations.  Before VOIP, making calls to different locations within your organisation incurred call costs.  Now, if your entire organisation is using a VOIP system, the calls are free.

SIP Accounts allow the VOIP system to work.  Think of a SIP account as your telephone number.  Each user would have their own SIP account allowing people to Direct Dial.



Business needs Internet connectivity for a whole host of solutions & applications as well as needing to access servers, ERP/CRM systems, transferring data across multiple locations, and more commonly today carrying phone calls to the PSTN via SIP trunks and hosted solutions.

Nimans Network Services has developed a portfolio of services designed to deliver a range of connectivity propositions for reseller partners looking to support varying sizes of organisations.

Internet connectivity for SMBs:

  • Broadband – ADSL2+ / Annex M up to 24Mb download speeds

  • FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) – Fibre (not copper) runs from the exchange to the street cabinet.  Options available are – 40:10 (40Mb download/10Mb upload) and 80:20 (80Mb download/20Mb upload)

  • EoFTTC (Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet) – Entry level Ethernet solution. Up to 20Mb symmetrical bandwidth

  • GEA (Generic Ethernet Access) – Business grade Ethernet connectivity using FTTC technology

  • EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile) – Ethernet access delivered over 2 or 4 bonded copper pairs (2-20Mb bandwidth). Connectivity for mid – enterprise businesses (or multi-site operations)

  • Fibre Ethernet – Dedicated Internet Access. Bandwidth from 10Mb to 1Gb

  • Point to Point – connecting 2 sites:

    • EAD (Ethernet Access Direct) for sites within 25Km
    • National Ethernet (25km +)
  • MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) – Multi-site connectivity with or without Internet access

  • Wireless – Via microwave link – leased lines and MPLS services. Ideal for more ‘urgent’ connectivity with shorter lead times than standard fixed infrastructure. Also suitable where wayleave, or excess construction issues, may occur.


We can offer an award-winning integrated hardware and software solution for companies who need to record multiple lines and handsets.

  • Sense Essentials  For businesses who need to record and store their calls but don’t need to analyse the call data.  Secure, high quality, automatic call recording across multiple channels.  Supports MiFID II and GDPR compliance.  Easy to read user client interface for quick search capability.  Search by dialled or inbound number, date, time, duration, channel and notes.  Standard wallboard with data available at general number level.

  • Sense Professional – For businesses who want to analyse their recorded calls and data for staff training and business improvement.  Secure, high quality, automatic call recording across multiple channels.  Supports MiFID II and GDPR compliance.  Easy to read user client interface for quick search capability.  Search by dialled or inbound extension, date, time, duration, channel and notes.  Standard wallboard with data available at telephone extension level

  • Sense Enterprise – For businesses who want to customise their call management and reporting solutions.  Secure, high quality, automatic call recording across multiple channels.  Supports MiFID II and GDPR compliance.  Easy to read user client interface for quick search capability.  Search by dialled or inbound extension, date, time, duration, channel and notes.  Customised wallboard with data available at telephone extension level.  Fully customisable management reports.



Cat 5/6 Cabling Services

Structured cabling is an absolute must when it comes to your office. It’s easy to underestimate just how much cabling is involved with a room full of computers, phones, routers, servers and printers. If the cables weren’t structured then you’d quickly be overwhelmed by the rising tangle. It can be a daunting task, that’s why here at PBIT, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to provide structured cabling solutions to businesses of all types and sizes.

Category 5/6 structured cabling is an international cabling standard that allows a single infrastructure for connecting a variety of telephone and computer systems in one manageable network. It’s made up of six subsystems:

  • Entrance facilities is the point where the line from the telephone company network ends and connects to your business.

  • Equipment rooms house equipment.

  • Backbone cabling is what connects different buildings.

  • Horizontal cabling goes through ceilings and floors to work areas.

  • Telecommunications rooms or telecommunications enclosure connects between the backbone cabling and horizontal cabling.

  • Work-area components connect employees’ equipment to outlets of the horizontal cabling system.


The Basics

CCTV cameras come in both wired and wireless models. Some of the wired models get their power from the network cable, while others need a mains connection. If you need to place cameras outdoors, or minimise visible wiring, wireless cameras are usually a better choice.

Various types of cameras exist to cover different areas. That might include domed cameras for outdoors, small ‘bullet’ type cameras for doorways, and a more traditional camera on a stand indoors.

Features of CCTV

We recommend that you purchase HD cameras if at all possible. Older cameras with 640×800 resolution are fine for the basics, but they may not present a clear picture, which might be important if you needed to see someone’s face or read a number plate.

Infra-red LED lights will illuminate the area at night and give you a better picture in the dark. Remember that infra-red light, while invisible to our eyes, will reflect off glass. In other words, you can’t point an indoor camera out of the window at night.

For full control and remote access, ask us to supply cameras with pan and tilt technology, so you can move the lens using a smartphone or browser and see a wider viewing angle. You might also choose to have two-way audio, so you can hear what’s going on and speak through the camera. (Note: speaking through the camera may require an external speaker).



Installing door access control systems will ensure your buildings are secure and that only the right people can get in.

Key-based systems will deliver this, but you have all the hassle of getting the right keys to the right people. And then someone loses a key!

Door access control systems give you all the control you want without any of the hassles of a lost key:

  • You issue a code, card or fob to every member of staff.
  • Each can be uniquely programmed to provide access only to where you allow them to go.
  • Access can be limited to selected times and days.
  • Reports can be created showing times when users enter.
  • If lost, you simply block that card, fob or code and issue another.

Your building’s security is maintained. Your staff can get on with what you want them to do. The security/insurance risk is removed, as is the cost and time of replacing locks and issuing new keys to everyone.

Get rid of Office Keys by calling us today on 0191 4489444


PBIT has recently completed our accreditation to be able to offer Energy to our customers through Fidelity Energy.

40% of businesses in the UK have never switched energy suppliers, we believe this is due to the resource required to procure and compare quotes that come back with ambiguity and additional abbreviated charges such as FiT, EMR that don’t show a true comparison for your company.

Let PBIT do the heavy lifting for you and come back with a comparison from the market in a simple, easy to compare document.

We offer a much wider choice than any one supplier could offer our clients by going direct. From SME offices, sports grounds to high usage manufacturing sites allow PBIT to show you what we can do for your company.



Allowing your customers to view your business online is essential.  Whether you are a small start-up business or a well established organisation, we are able to create clean and easy to use websites using responsive technology.  Using responsive technology means users can view your website on any device from anywhere in the world.

The key services we offer are:

  • Website Design.  Our team work with you to understand your requirements.

  • Website Hosting.  We are able to host your website on well known platforms such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

  • Brochure Design.  Help your business stand out by publishing professional brochures.

  • E-Commerce Solutions.  Allowing you to sell products or services online using Opencart and Woo-commerce platforms.


UK Mobile Phone Network Coverage

Network coverage is an important aspect when purchasing a new mobile phone contract. Poor coverage could mean that you miss phone calls and your text messages could be delayed, not to mention poor speeds when trying to use the Internet. It can also cause poor battery life as your phone has to constantly try to find a network to connect to.

It is therefore really important that you check coverage before purchasing a new phone.

Mobile networks

The UK has four licenced network operators: EE, Telefonica UK (O2), Three and Vodafone providing services using a variety of mobile technologies. There are over 84 million mobile connections in the UK shared between these four operators.

PBIT will advise what the best network suits your requirements.


With our team of highly skilled engineers and our friendly support staff, we are always here to help you out.